Academy Guidelines

At Gracie Jiu-jitsu Fourways you will find we are very relaxed and informal. We want our students to come and learn Gracie Jiu-jitsu in an enjoyable environment.
From time to time  it is important that from time to time we must update or remind students on ways to keep the true to our core of the academy which is a fun, friendly and cooperate learning environment.

Our mission is to teach you to defend yourself on the street in the shortest possible time, then to progress you to the more advanced chess game of Jiu-jitsu with all the benefits of more confidence, better health & fitness and higher self-esteem. We also aim to give you the best level of instruction available of the Gracie University in Los Angeles and we are fortunate to have the only Gracie University Certified Jiu-jitsu Instructors in Gauteng teaching you at Gracie Jiu-jitsu Fourways.

As you may know by now, Gracie Jiu-jitsu was invented by Helio Gracie. He developed the art with the intention of smaller weaker people being able to defend themselves against stronger more aggressive attackers, without the need for speed, strength or co-ordination. The art and the high standard of teaching that Helio established, was carried forward by all of his sons. 

Helio’s oldest son, Rorion took Jiu-jitsu to the USA to spread it to more people by inventing the UFC and by carrying out many challenge matches, he showed the world that Gracie Jiu-jitsu is the most effective form of self-defence. Gracie Jiu-jitsu is now the fastest growing Martial Art in the world and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is watched by more people than American Football, Basketball and Baseball.

Rorion’s two eldest sons Ryron and Rener, are world renowned as experts in self-defence and for providing the highest level of instruction in Gracie Jiu-jitsu available. They are among the few people inside or outside the Gracie Jiu-jitsu Family to be awarded the level of Professor by Helio Gracie himself. At Gracie Jiu-jitsu Fourways we are proud to have Ryron & Rener Gracie as our Head Instructors. 

Gracie Jiu-jitsu includes many techniques and principles. The best way for you to understand these techniques is to practice them slowly, safely and methodically, slowly increasing the resistance your partner gives until you can complete them against a fully revisiting opponent. Although you can learn to defend yourself against an unskilled attacker relatively quickly, perfecting the techniques takes some time. If you start challenging each other too soon into your learning process, you will end up with bad habits and incorrect techniques.

When you start grappling, please it is important for you to remember a few keys points. Firstly always remember, you and your training partner are training to learn, it’s not a fight or a competition, relax and give your partner opportunities. It doesn’t matter who submits who, as long as you are both learning.

In our effort to make Gracie Jiu-jitsu Fourways the best Academy in the Gauteng we would you to help us by adhering to a few academy respect and considerations guidelines + uniform standards:


Please arrive no more than 15-10 minutes before the your class. 
Collect you attendance cards before coming on to the mat.
Please ensure that you step into the dis-infective bucket to and dry your feet on the towel. This is to ensure that we kill all bacteria that may transfer to the mat.
Please keep your finger and toe nails short. It can be easy to rip your nail on your partners Gi or accidently cut your partner.
Long hair to be tied up and remove all jewellery.
Please make sure your wear a clean Gi or t-shirt to EVERY class. (See uniform requirements below)
In needed, please shower before and after class at home or the academy. Hygiene is very important in grappling arts.
Care for the facility like it is your home because being part of the Gracie Fourways family it is your home.
Always wear footwear when off the mat and in the restroom facilities.
Any children not participation in a class must remain in the Gracie Lounge area & be supervised. All gym equipment are off limits and not to be played on.
Never walk around the academy shirtless outside of the changing facilities.
Use to review yesterday and prepare for tomorrow.
When class is in session, please keep the noise levels down as much as possible if you are in the viewing area.
** During any water crisis we may restrict shower usage to members


If you are late, check in with the instructor before entering the class.
Always respect, encourage and educate your training partners.
Watch with good posture and communicate with respectful language.
Select training partners that make you feel safe and comfortable.
Never feel obliged to spar with someone, listen to your body.
Tap early, tap often and make sure your partners safety is your top priority.
Never overextend a submission, look to control as the tap will come.
Report any inappropriate, unclean or unsafe students to the instructor.
Report all injuries, abrasions or skin infections to the instructor.
When nursing injuries, train less, watch more but come to class.
Chase the knowledge and not the belt.
If you are sparring and you are not having fun or smiling, please step off the mat.


Class starting times and class attendance cards

Just a reminder that students are please to arrive 10 minutes before that start of their class.
The 10 min review period for the adult classes is a critical time for students to practice their previously learn techniques. Please remember to collect your tracking cards before coming on to the mats.
With regards to the BullyProof parents, please encourage the progress of the children by checking their stripe progress on the cards and giving them praise. The kids love to hear how well that they are doing on the mats!

Uniform Requirements 

Please see the uniforms to be worn in the various classes below:


Full white Gracie Gi, Gracie Classic Rashguard and Gracie Belt.
(Long hair to be tied in a bun)

Women Empowered

White Women Empowered Gi pants, Gracie Pink Rashguard and Gracie Belt.
(Long hair to be tied in a bun).


Full white Gracie Gi, Gracie Classic Rashguard and Gracie Belt.
(Long hair to be tied in a bun)

Combatives - The Reflex Development Class

Full white Gracie Gi, Gracie Classic Rashguard and Gracie Belt to be brought to every RD class.
Blue Gracie grappling gloves and boxing gloves to be brought to every class.
Gum-shield/Mouth guard to be brought to every class.


Master Cycle

Any white Gracie white Gi, any Gracie Rashguard/Gracie Ranked Rashguard and your ranked Gracie Belt
NoGi – Any Gracie Rashguard/Gracie Ranked Rashguard and Gracie Fight Shorts. (Gracie Spats may be worn but under the fight shorts) to be brought to every class.
Blue Gracie grappling gloves and boxing gloves to be brought to every class.
Gum-shield/Mouth guard to be brought to every class. 
Long hair to be tied in a bun.


We would like to thank you all our students for making Gracie Jiu-jitsu Fourways the most amazing place to train. Our students are absolutely sensational to teach and is what makes Gracie Fourways so amazing, thank you all!


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